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How much should I sell my template for?
What price range should I go for?
Farris 10 Feb 2018
The price of the template depend on the quality. There are two important factors for any template.

One is design. Your template won't sell for much if you have a poor design. And second is features. More features equals more money.

Before you set a price, take a look at current market prices. Then you can determine your template price.

I think that there are two factors that effect revenue. One is quantity sold. Second is price of which it's sold for.

I like to think that templates should cost between $5 - $100 Dollars. Just give your template a rating from 5 to 100 and you will get a good price.

I don't recommend selling for higher than $100. Why? because there are a lot of great templates that are selling for half that.

So you always need to study the market, rate your template, then determine a price. You won't go wrong if you are a reasonable guy.