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How to build backlinks without spamming other sites?
Is there a way to build links without spamming?
Farris 22 Feb 2018
There are lots of ways you can build backlinks without being spammy. Let's take a look at some of them ...

First way is to contribute on other sites, like questions and answers websites. Or forums. By helping others you can get a good referral traffic and get a good link juice.

Second is YouTube, or other video based websites. People like to watch videos about the topic they are trying to learn more about. You can never go wrong with videos.

Third is to be active on Social Media. Promoting on these networks help expose your content to possible interested people who might link to you. That is of course if you have great content.

These three ways can help most websites in most niches, but there are some niches that won't work with these three methods, for example a memes website cannot be promoted on YouTube. But Social media can play an important role for memes.

You just have to figure out what kind of promotions work for your site.

And as a tip that I could not find online. You don't have to get backlinks from a lot of websites. I mean domains. You just need to find websites that you can promote on without being spammy.

Do that and you will get good referral traffic and off page link juice.